Ankle Sprains & Foot Pain

Foot Movement

Our feet carry us all our lives so it’s important to keep them in good shape.

When walking, the foot has to change from a loose shock absorber on impact to a rigid force transmitter when pushing off.

The way in which your feet move can have a huge effect on how the knees, hips and back move and vice versa.

When the heel and arch of the foot aren’t controlled as well as they should be we can get flat feet. This can cause plantar fasciitis, knee and back pain or other problems in the big toe.

This can be corrected by orthotics, which all Thamesway physiotherapists are trained to measure, prescribe and fit.

Sometimes just a tight calf can cause many of the problems we see. Acupuncture, mobilisation, stretching, and exercise can all help to restore normal calf and ankle function.


If you have a foot or ankle problem it is highly likely that a Thamesway physiotherapist will be able to help you sort it out…


Feel free to contact us below with any questions you might have.

Ankle Sprains

This is the most common muscle or bone injury reported to hospital A&E departments in the world. 


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