When we get pain in the foot it’s a long way away and you can handle it a bit more easily. With headache it’s right up there in your face, up close and far too personal. Most headaches are caused by problems in the neck. Joints, muscles, ligaments and discs in the neck can all refer pain into the head, face, ears and even behind the eyes.

When a headache has visual disturbance, irritation by sound or light and forces the need to rest it is often a migraine. Tablets can help, but if there is a part that’s coming from the neck it will usually need treatment before things improve.

At Thamesway our expert therapists can diagnose and treat most types of neck related headache with spinal manipulation, muscle release, acupuncture and specific neck exercises.

If you have a headache that won’t go away with tablets or just rest contact us at Thamesway Physio. We will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis so you will know exactly what is causing your headache and a treatment plan so you know what to do about it. Contact us below so we can help you get rid of those awful headaches.


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