Hydrotherapy or aqua therapy, involves performing exercises in warm water. It’s a great way of exercising. The water does two things; it supports the person exercising reducing pain and strain on the joints and muscles and it provides extra resistance to the exercise you do. Double bonus.


At Thameswayphysio we do one on one hydrotherapy sessions with our clients at the Bracknell Hilton Health Club Pool. It’s a constant depth from one end to the other, quiet and most importantly it’s warm.  There are as well clean well-kept change rooms and easy steps with a hand rail that lead into the pool.


We use hydrotherapy for helping people who have had surgery, or those who can’t exercise normally on land.


If you think Hydrotherapy might help you contact us below. One of our expert therapists would be glad to answer your questions.

Indoor Pool and Whirlpool

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