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The Graston Technique® was originally conceived by an engineer from the USA who injured his knee water skiing. His knee just wouldn’t progress following surgery and conventional therapy, so he applied his professional background in machining to create several instruments to treat his soft tissue injury. He took the laws of rehibilitation into his own hands and devised a system of massage tools that helped break down the significant deposits of scar tissue around his knee enabling him the return to normal daily activities and sport. Quite amazing!

Instrument Assisted Massage ® is a new take on the older Graston method and the tools were designed in the UK near Warwick.

 The tool pictured here is called the dolphin and is used for larger structures such as leg and back muscles.

The techniques are quite strong but incredibly effective, cutting recovery times by up to a third.

If you’d like to cut your recovery time by a large amount ask one of our experts about IAM.



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