Knee pains and sprains

The knee is a modified hinge joint that bends to hold our weight and absorb the shock of landing and straighten to push us on our way.

If you follow high level sport you will know that it’s commonly injured. Just ask Michael Owen, Andrew Flintoff, Rafael Nadal or just about every downhill ski racer that ever lived!

Statistically it’s the most injured joint in the body.

Out of Balance
Knee pain can be caused by traumatic injury or by repeated overloading of the joint. It’s very important that the alignment of all its parts is just right. If not it can cause strong pain.

Both the foot and the hip joint can affect the normal twisting motion around the knee. Quite often this goes out of balance and treatment can involve orthotics for the feet and exercises for the hip to restore normal knee function.

Osteoarthritis is early wear and tear in a joint. Knees are one joint that tends to show wear and tear through our lives. The number of joint replacements performed these days is very large.

Physiotherapy may not be able to stop the process of wear and tear but we can help manage the problem so that you may be able to delay that operation for a number of years. Physiotherapy could be just the thing to help you manage your knee pain, improve your quality of life and avoid an expensive operation.



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