Osteoarthritis (OA) is when the surfaces of your joints wear out. It usually happens in the lower limb weight bearing joints first, but is also common in the spine, hands and shoulders, later on in life.

People can experience OA early in life for many reasons either through injury, inherited weak joints, work and intense sporting activity.

Once OA has occurred the joints tend not to recover on their own. The nature of the surface cartilage is such that tends not to repair itself.

Physiotherapy cannot undo what has been done, but it can help the person with OA become more active, get stronger muscles and therefore lead a better life. It might mean the difference between being house bound and being able to play a game of golf, or walk to the shops, helping maintain a person’s independence.

If OA gets very painful joint replacement surgery can help relieve the pain. Surgery can be very beneficial but it carryies a risk and any joint replacement has a limited lifetime, so this is seen as a last resort.

If you or a loved one has OA and isn’t living as active a life as they could be feel free to contact us any time and get an expert opinion on how we can help you deal with osteoarthritis.



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