Shin Splints


This is a condition that affects many sports people of all ages and activities. It is caused by over loading of the muscles that connect from the foot up onto the shin.


These muscles are crucial in the shock absorbing function of the foot as it strikes the ground when walking or running. Overloading the tissue can cause microscopic trauma where the muscle joins the bone. It is quite common for sports people, who have changed either their training schedule, foot ware, running surface or sporting activity.


A classic presentation is people doing pre-season training for winter sports on playing fields that are still hard from the summer.


Pain is usually felt in the front and inside of the shin. It often starts hurting after activity and if the condition progresses pain starts during activity.


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Factors That Affect Shin Splints

Foot biomechanics (flat feet in particular)


Training surface

Variations in training intensity, duration or frequency.

Fitness for activity

Skill level for activity

Course and Prognosis of Shin Splints

This is often determined by the cause. If it is just from a slight increase in training activity as part of a pre-season schedule then they can settle with ice and stretching. I

If the cause involves greater or more sustained force then treatment with physiotherapy is probably needed.

Treatment options

RICE is always the first and immediate choice. Reduce the loading so that the tissue has the opportunity to heal. This can be achieved by changing your current exercise regime to a safe level, stretching the calf and by wearing orthotics.

The calf can be loosened by stretching, fascial release, trigger point release or acupuncture.

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